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Block Puzzle Lite: A Minimalist and Stunning Game for Puzzle Lovers

Block Puzzle Lite APK: A Fun and Rewarding Game for Puzzle Lovers

If you are looking for a simple yet addictive game that can keep you entertained and challenged for hours, then you should try Block Puzzle Lite APK. This is a free classic block game that lets you earn money while playing. Sounds too good to be true? Well, read on to find out more about this amazing game and how to download it on your Android device.

What is Block Puzzle Lite APK?

A classic block game with a twist

Block Puzzle Lite APK is a game developed by TECHSTER LIMITED, a company that specializes in creating casual and puzzle games for mobile devices. The game is based on the popular block puzzle genre, where you have to fit various shapes of blocks into a designated grid without leaving any empty spaces. The game is easy to learn but hard to master, as the blocks cannot rotate and the grid gets smaller as you progress.

block puzzle lite apk

How to play Block Puzzle Lite APK?

The gameplay of Block Puzzle Lite APK is simple and intuitive. You just have to drag and drop the blocks onto the grid, and try to complete rows or columns to clear them and make room for more blocks. The game ends when there are no more empty spaces left on the grid. The more you eliminate, the higher the score you will get. You can also earn coins by playing the game, which you can use to redeem real money or gift cards.

Why download Block Puzzle Lite APK?

There are many reasons why you should download Block Puzzle Lite APK on your Android device. Here are some of them:

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  • It is a fun and relaxing game that can help you pass the time and exercise your brain.

  • It is a rewarding game that can help you earn money while playing.

  • It is a challenging game that can test your logic and strategy skills.

  • It is a free game that does not require internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Features of Block Puzzle Lite APK

Offline game mode

One of the best features of Block Puzzle Lite APK is that it can be played offline, without any internet or Wi-Fi connection. This means that you can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere, without worrying about data usage or network issues. You can also play the game in airplane mode or in places where there is no signal.

Multiple game modes

Another great feature of Block Puzzle Lite APK is that it offers multiple game modes for different levels of difficulty and preference. You can choose from classic mode, advanced mode, expert mode, or challenge mode, depending on your mood and skill level. Each mode has its own rules and objectives, so you will never get bored of playing the same game over and over again.

Stunning graphics and sound effects

Block Puzzle Lite APK also boasts of stunning graphics and sound effects that enhance the gaming experience. The game has a clean and minimalist design, with bright colors and smooth animations. The blocks are well-designed and easy to recognize, and the grid is clear and visible. The game also has soothing background music and satisfying sound effects that match the gameplay.

Leaderboards and daily challenges

If you want to add some competition and excitement to your gaming session, then you can check out the leaderboards and daily challenges of Block Puzzle Lite APK. The leaderboards show your ranking among other players worldwide, based on your score and coins earned. You can also see your friends' scores and challenge them to beat your record. The daily challenges are special tasks that you have to complete within a limited time and earn extra coins and rewards. You can also share your achievements and progress on social media and invite your friends to join the game.

How to download and install Block Puzzle Lite APK?

Download from APKCombo

If you want to download Block Puzzle Lite APK on your Android device, you can do so easily and safely from APKCombo, a trusted website that provides free and original APK files for various apps and games. Here are the steps to download Block Puzzle Lite APK from APKCombo:

  • Go to the APKCombo website and search for Block Puzzle Lite APK.

  • Select the latest version of the app and click on the download button.

  • Wait for the download to finish and locate the APK file on your device.

Install on your Android device

Before you can install Block Puzzle Lite APK on your Android device, you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. This is a security feature that prevents unauthorized apps from accessing your device. To enable this option, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings menu of your device and tap on security or privacy.

  • Find the option that says unknown sources or allow installation of apps from unknown sources and toggle it on.

  • Confirm your choice by tapping on OK or Yes.

Once you have enabled this option, you can proceed to install Block Puzzle Lite APK on your device. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Locate the APK file that you downloaded from APKCombo and tap on it.

  • Tap on install and wait for the installation to complete.

  • Tap on open and enjoy the game.


Block Puzzle Lite APK is a fun and rewarding game that can keep you entertained and challenged for hours. It is a classic block game with a twist, where you can earn money while playing. It has multiple features that make it stand out from other block games, such as offline mode, multiple game modes, stunning graphics and sound effects, leaderboards and daily challenges. It is also easy to download and install on your Android device, as long as you follow the steps above. If you are a puzzle lover, then you should not miss this game. Download Block Puzzle Lite APK today and see for yourself how addictive and enjoyable it is.


What is the minimum Android version required to play Block Puzzle Lite APK?

The minimum Android version required to play Block Puzzle Lite APK is 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.

How much money can I earn by playing Block Puzzle Lite APK?

The amount of money you can earn by playing Block Puzzle Lite APK depends on how many coins you collect in the game. You can redeem your coins for real money or gift cards through PayPal or Amazon. The exchange rate may vary depending on your location and currency.

Is Block Puzzle Lite APK safe to download and install?

Yes, Block Puzzle Lite APK is safe to download and install, as long as you get it from a reliable source like APKCombo. The app does not contain any viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or compromise your privacy.

Can I play Block Puzzle Lite APK with my friends?

Yes, you can play Block Puzzle Lite APK with your friends by connecting your Facebook account to the game. You can see your friends' scores on the leaderboards and challenge them to beat your record. You can also invite your friends to join the game and share your achievements on social media.

How can I contact the developer of Block Puzzle Lite APK?

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions about Block Puzzle Lite APK, you can contact the developer by sending an email to You can also visit their website at for more information about their other games and products.

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