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High Output Management Andrew Grove Pdf 11

The author also first understood the importance of the casual workplace environment that tech companies are now noted for. Intel employees dressed informally, had partitions instead of offices, and even Grove himself had a cubicle office. Why? It was to encourage knowledge-power people to mix with position-power people on a daily basis. For more on this you might read about Jack Ma in the book Alibaba.Grove also emphasizes the importance of training employees who are immature in their ability to complete tasks and delegating to employees who are more mature. Not training employees who need training is a surefire way to ensure employees and the team fail to meet goals. It is not surprising that Grove uses the basic production process as the guide for developing management output principles and processes. He introduces concepts like the limiting step and value-adding which influence all other steps and their sequence. Developing effective measurements (KPIs) is crucial, and they should measure the output not just activity, and be paired with an indicator that measures quality. Chet Holmes was a huge advocate for measuring in this way. He discusses his method in great detail in his book The Ultimate Sales Machine.

High Output Management Andrew Grove Pdf 11

You also want everyone on your team to be proactive about their time management as well. One of the best ways to do this is to present a real-world example of someone on your team who does this well. Walk everyone through an example week on their calendar and point out exactly how they are spending their time. Then have everyone pull out their own calendar and have them go through the same process on their own calendar. Are they batching tasks? Which of the events are high leverage activities? Are there more efficient patterns to create? You should go through this process with your entire team at least once a quarter.

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