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Peter Hurley The Headshot Book Download 2021

Below we would like for photographers who have seen this tutorial to write there thoughts/reviews of it. If you have not yet seen it but have something to say please comment here: -original-peter-hurleys-the-art-behind-the...

peter hurley the headshot book download

This was the best photography resource that I have found in 5 years of looking for ways to improve my photographic eye. Working in the entertainment industry, and specifically in theatre for the past 8 years, I have taken to photography as a side distraction from the art-factory aspect of my career in theatrical lighting. I come from a background in lighting, mostly for the stage, and have a large knowledge base of light and how light effects an image. Peter goes beyond the instruction that most books and instructional videos seem to dwell on, and concentrates on what to do once you have an understanding of the fundamentals of photography, and how to work with the subjects of your photo to get the best out of them. Through this DVD, he has opened up my eyes about how to relate to and coax a better image out of actors and people in general, and I look forward to seeing what I can do with this new skill set. This is the perfect tool for anyone that wants to be able to improve the quality of their headshot and portrait work, and take it to the level of what is expected in New York or Los Angeles. Truly a great DVD, and well worth the investment.

Peter's DVD does what no book, blog post, or short video can do -- it immerses you in the art of headshot photography. Those other learning tools provide concepts, diagrams, images, tips, and advice -- all good stuff -- but after I watched the DVD I realized how much I had been missing. Having the DVD is like getting a chance to apprentice with a master to learn not just the big things, but the myriad of subtle things that are just as important, perhaps more important. Peter will be the first to tell you it's not about the lights, or the camera, or how big your studio is. It's about you and how you interact with your subject. Nothing else I have seen or read made that so clear or demonstrated it so well. Is this a good investment of your time and money? Absolutely!

One of the most important aspects of running a successful photography business is having a streamlined client workflow. Peter Hurley is often shooting 2-3 headshot sessions a day in his studio which leaves very little time to spend delivering specific images to his clients. In this tutorial you will learn how Peter has automated all of his image delivery, proofing, retouching, and printing so that he can spend more time taking photos and less time behind his computer. He walks you through his entire process including culling photos with his clients, backing up his files locally and remotely, creating and sharing online client proofing galleries, outsourcing his retouching, and seamlessly integrating his printing into his proofing gallery so that clients can purchase and download exactly what they need all without contacting Peter directly.

I just bought this new installment of the headshot series last night. I love Peter's teaching style and way of simplifying things.I bought his original headshot video he released in 2010 and I recently also bought the Wedding Photography video, which you guys did a great job on.They are all great and every time I download and watch the videos that FS has made it always brings my photography up a level.Keep up the good work guys.#SHABANG from deep in southern Louisiana.

Designed to help you improve your headshot and portrait photography, this download of Peter Hurley: The Art Behind the Headshot is a unique four hour video tutorial presented by Fstoppers. The entire course is led by acclaimed photographer, Peter Hurley, and delves into his own techniques for producing striking portraits in a studio setting. The video covers all aspects of running a photography business, but is mainly focused on working with subjects in front of the camera, and how to produce a variety of different looks by modifying the light, changing poses, and using different camera and lighting gear. The video is presented in HD 720 resolution and is split into sixteen chapters ranging from direct lighting guides to retouching tips.

In this book, photographer Peter Hurley shows his positioning techniques and his secrets on how to light headshots like a professional. With him, we discover how to get genuine smiles and flattering positions that make the clients look natural and happy.

You can see more work from Peter at, follow him on Twitter, and like him on Facebook. And if you want more tips on shooting headshots, check out his 4-hour The Art Behind The Headshot DVD!

We will then load your favorites onto a password protected gallery where you can pick your two (2) favorite images. Once selected, we will proceed any necessary or requested touch ups*, and send you a link where you'll be able to download both the low resolution version of these images (suitable for use on social media sites, corporate websites, or even online dating profiles) as well as the high resolution versions (useful for printed products, brochures, marketing materials, business cards, media kits, book covers, fliers, etc).

After you have selected your images to be retouched you will receive your final images within 7 business days via an online gallery and you will receive a password to download your images. Each headshot image you receive will be uploaded as 4 different crops: traditional 810 portrait orientation, square, 810 tight crop landscape orientation, and a loose landscape crop. If you have any changes you want made to your images just email or call Vail and she will take care of it for you.

This book reveals how to get authentic reactions from your portrait subjects as well as flattering poses. Learn how to capture beautiful smiles, natural hand poses, and headshots that will impress any company. These are all the tricks of the trade including backgrounds, locations, positions, and quirky ideas. This book will help you make more money and feel inspired to photograph any headshot.

Ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook, CVs, Corporate Photos, Speakers Photos - These images are head and shoulders only for a reason. They prioritize connection and likeability in a limited space like a profile photo or CV where you are very limited with the time and space to connect with someone through your photo. Every inch counts and I am a trained expression coach and headshot photographer who will help you maximize the opportunity.

Headshot, The Secret to creating amazing headshots portrait is a great book to understand more about portrait photography. In this book it revolves around indoor studio headshots that create stunning results. From Lighting techniques and posing techniques to make the subject look flattering. This book does an amazing job explaining what is occurring in the photos and sharing the final results of the images. If you want to get better headshots and develop your photography in the studio this is a must-read book. Some of the material includes ways to enhance peoples jaw, perfecting smiling, techniques for head positioning and lens distortion. Definitely something to look into View On Amazon for $31.60

This book is all about using light and long exposures. Many of the photos are unique and can give some amazing inspiration for long exposure. The best part of this book is that is free to download with kindle. This book will give you plenty to do if you are interested in light painting. I would highly recommend this book to get out your creativity! View On Amazon

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