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Kitty Blond Fucking With 3 Black Guys For The F... UPD

Uttaran20-The bengali gets fucked in the threesome, of course. But not only the black girl gets fucked, but also the two guys fuck each other in the tight pussy during the villag threesome. The slut and the guys enjoy fucking each other in the threesome

Kitty Blond fucking with 3 black guys for the f...

The bengali gets fucked in the threesome, of course. But not only the black girl gets fucked, but also the two guys fuck each other in the tight pussy during the village Bi threesome. The slut and the guys enjoy fucking each other in the threesome

We open up to this into this bedroom with a young gay couple in the Fraternity house making out in bed shirtless. Out of nowhere Ghostface walks out of the closet from down stairs. He sneaks upstairs looking for his next victim. He sneaked up onto the door adn hearing the cuples conversation. A guy name Derek Brown (Chase Anthony) and James Gaynor (Trevante Rhodes). James and Derek stop kissing for a second and James ask Derek "So is this you first time having a black chocolate guy?" Derek dies laughing and hit him lightly saying "You're sick man!" They both burst out laughing and Derek replied "Yeah and it's better than ever. Just take your clothes off! I'm too much in heat!" James removing his pants and said "Alright babe". Suddenly both James and Derek took their clother off and lay on the bed making love. Suddenly Ghostface sneaks into the bedroom ignoring the 2 gay guys making love and just focusing on the killing. James didn't pay attention to his surroundings because he was into the sex way too much towhere he wasn't aware of his surroundings. Neither did Derek because he was into the sex himself and this was his first time being with a black guy he claims. But as for that, that helps Ghostface to easily kill them because they were hardly paying attention. Suddenly Ghostface is right behind James while the both of them are under the sheets and James was humping Derek. Once Ghostface was close to the bed with them in it. Derek's eyes popped open and tries to warn James but James kept humping Derek. Ghostface holds a butcher knife and stabs James in the back of his neck at first and Derek was in shock and Ghostface took his hand and push the butcher knife in deeper which made the knife go into Derek's neck as well killing him too.

Next George, Denise, Denzel, and Matt was together around a tree. Blaine was only 15 feet from them. Blaine walks up to them and talks to Denise about the Stab movie and plus what's going on with their lives. George walked away because they wanted privacy and so did Senzel and Matt. Blaine said to Denise starting up on his horror movie trivia qeek mood "You know Sheriff Denise they are about to make a sequel to Stab and couldn't you believe that the first movie rised up to $3 billion in the box office? That's crazy! Hell Star Wars didn't even made that much! Hell I think this Stab reboot beat Avatar if I'm not mistaken! But it's our job to hold the rules of the sequel so hears the thing. First of the bodycount is suppose to be higher and which the killer seems like he did about 70 kills according to the beheaded victim in the movie Theatre. Second of the death scenes are always much more elaborate and more blood and more gore and more carnage. In fact mind you my algebra teacher the blond hair lady Marion Peterson?" Denise nod her head and Blaine continues "Well that right there steps it up the way how Ghostface pulled out professer Marion's intestines out from her stomach was ver graphic as for a Stab 2 reboot, and third of all if you want you sequel to become a franchise, never ever." Denise cuts him off "Blaine what could we do to stop the killer. That's what I really want to know." Blaine replies "Oh okay, so lets stop and think and just look at the suspects. Please don't repeat this to Michael Denise but it could be Vera shit. I mean hello look at Debora Harris she was sweet as pie and turn out because (Oh if I can't have you, nobody else would) to Michael." Denise preplies "Now wait Blaine, we have to know for sure, Just because Deborah was the killer doesn't make Michael's second girlfriend the killer. The thing was Deborah was a crazy psychotic bitch just being jealous of Megan and Michael. I think Vera loves Michael!" Blaine replied "But you know sheriff Williams. Some people put a smile on the face and treat you just as sweet as pie. I don't mean to sound paranoid but after what happen at High School I just don't trust nobody." Denise said "You could be right about that Blaine." Blaine replied "Okay who else we got? How about Matt? Matt doesn't seem like he is on the up and up neither. Now let's move on." Denise "Hold it maybe you're a suspect." Blaine "Well my dear, if I'm a suspect you're a suspect just as well. So clearly anybody can be a suspect for all that matter!" Denise "Hell you made a point. Let's move on to. . ." Blaine "Oh my god Chad." Densie "Wait Mike's roomate? I don't know he seems to be close to Michael" Blaine "Well hey who's to say he's another one of those type of people who like to smile in your face and pretend to be your friend type of deal. I'm telling you Sheriff somebody that is in this campus is the killer. Somebody that knows us and close to us is the killer. Mind you look at Stab 7 when Jill was Sidney's cousin and I thought she was a good cousin to Sidney at first. But she was pretty much my favorite Ghostface killer though." Denise "Come on Blaine let's be serious, these kids are your friends basically. So how do you think is the killer?" Blaine "Okay just one more thing, how about George? Haven't you notice his ficety attitude? Plus why is he making a book about the events of what happen to us back in High School?" Denise replied "Now wait Blaine, George is a proffesional type bussiness man that is into his job as a reporter. Plus I didn't get a chance to tell you but George actually likes Michael. So George shouldn't count." Blaine "Wait your covering up for him. Oh my god you guys are going to be the new and a black version of Dewey and Gale? Alright?" Denise "Silly rabbit, that happen with Dewey and Gale when they felt in love with each other between in real life and in the movies. This is us Blaine and let me tell you. I was with George the other day and he did say that he did care for Michael. Despite his attitude George like Michael and us. He figure that the events of what happened in the High School would make a great story. I know George, see Blaine. Sometimes you just have to read people through their eyes sometimes. But far as that goes have to find out who is the killer to put an end to this massacre."

Later on it was lunchtime. It was only Michael and Matt sitting together. Before Michael was about to ask Matt beat and asked first before Michael did "Have you've seen Vera?" Michael replied "No I haven't. I swear if that bastard did something to Vera next I'm going to kill that son of a bitch even if I just die trying." Matt replied "Don't worry man! The cops will take care of this guy." Michael said "They are taking too fucking long! Hey if that's the case Remember and I know you heard it all over the news about this girlfriend I had back in High School Deborah right?" Matt said "Of course, I have to say you were tough taking her down!" Michael replied "Yeah, she was a psychotic bitch! She claimed that I was spending time with this other friend I had which it was a girl of course, named Megan. She snapped and got jealous. She was an obsessive bitch too!" Matt nod his head and poker his bottom lip. Michael look at Matt suspicious. Michael tells Matt "Listen I forgot something. I'll be right back." Matt said "Ok." Michael walks up to Denise. Denise decides to go inside the School with Michael. Suddnely, out of no where. Ghostface pops out of the closet and stabs Denise in the back. Michael yelss "No!' Michael pushes Ghostface to the wall. Ghostface upper cuts Michael knocking him out while Ghostface takes some kind of black material looking like some sort of bag cover Denise's face taking Denise body somewhere. Michael get up slowly from Ghostface knocking him out.

Footsteps were being heard, and suddenly you see the and realize the person is being shoved down on the persons knees. The screen shows the black cover coming off of the screen. It shows that Micheal is on the ground be held hostage from the killer on his knees in the auditorium on stage. We now see Michael turned around and looking at Denise, George, and Vera in the same position along with Michael on their knees on the ground. Michael said "Guys! Oh thank god! What the fuck is going on, and what the fuck happend to Matt?" Vera was shaking and replied "I don't know babe." Ghostface faces to stand in front of with his back turned. He turns around and suddenly Ghostface takes off his mask and robe and it was Matt! Yes Matt the one who was arguing ranting with Blaine about sequels to a movie sucks and the one that Michael had gave him a funny look when he asked and wondered about Vera. Yes Matt Alteri is the killer! George, Denise, Vera, and including Michael was so shocked that their mouths were hanged open and couldn't speak. Matt said "Cat got your tongues everybody? Especailly you Michael?" Michael said "No fucking way I don't understand." Matt said "Oh no I have one more surprise not just for you Michael but I think George would be just as shocked as you would be."

Emmanuel wipes his tears and turns around and looks at Michael and said "Huh, you fucking think you know so much but you don't know shit! You don't shit about me nor my daughter!" Emmanuel said "I know you guys loved Denise but I had to pick somebody." Emmanuel then looks at Vera with a grins at her. 041b061a72

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