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Buying Postage Stamps At Costco

Like most of the products they sell Costco focuses on selling items in bulk so they only rolls of 100 stamps however they are one of the few places where you can buy stamps below the cost of buying from the post office.

buying postage stamps at costco

There are different positives and negatives associated with the different memberships so make sure to do your research before choosing and find the option that is best for you. If you are purely looking to buy stamps and do not already have a Costco membership the cost of signing up far outweighs the savings made on buying stamps and you would be better off buying stamps from a different store.

One of the main problems with buying stamps from the USPS is their limited business hours. If you work full time and have a busy schedule getting to the post office can be difficult but the extended Costco operating hours makes this job far easier. With most stores operating until 8:30pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends this gives you a few extra hours to pick up your stamps.

Costco has a number of arrangements with financial institutions and the Costco Executive Membership also offer buyer rewards on every dollar spent in Costco stores. These rewards work when buying stamps as well so extra savings can be made if you are regularly buying stamps.

Forever stamps never expire and can always be used to send the same amount of postage even if prices have increased since the purchase of the stamps. A Forever stamp is valid to send 1 piece of first class mail.

Yes you can buy a roll of 100 USPS Forever stamps at all Costco locations. The price for the roll of stamps is $54.75."}},"@type":"Question","name":"What is the price of stamps at Costco?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Costco is one of the few stores that sells postage stamps below the price set by the USPS. A roll of 100 stamps from Costco costs $54.5.","@type":"Question","name":"Are Forever Stamps cheaper at Costco?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Yes Forever stamps are marginally cheaper at Costco however you also have to factor in the cost of membership. The cost of 100 stamps from Costco is $54.75 while the same stamps from the USPS would cost $55.","@type":"Question","name":"Do Forever stamps expire?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Forever stamps never expire and can always be used to send the same amount of postage even if prices have increased since the purchase of the stamps. A Forever stamp is valid to send 1 piece of first class mail."]}Final Thoughts If you have a Costco membership already and are looking to buy postage stamps in bulk then Costco is a good choice however if either of those things are not true then you would be better off finding another company.

To buy stamps at Costco, you may need to locate a store that features a Business Services Center. You can search for a store quickly at, where you can find a quick search box and type in your address, and a list of nearby warehouses will be shown on the net page. Unlike some of the large wholesale retailers, they do not have an app on android or IOS, hence you can only perform a search from the website.

Deal for 5 booklets of 20 forever stamps at CostcoUnited States Postal Service: Stamps to GoForever Stamps - the only stamps you can buy right now and use forever, regardless of future price increases.Key Features:5 booklets of 20 self-adhesive forever stamps (100 stamps total)Current 1st class postage rate: 47 cents(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();2comments: Superdogsaid...You save a quarter on almost fifty bucks? Really? Why not save 2 cents. That's about the same. After paying for a membership I expect better or just don't sell stamps it's not convenient to even go into your store or wait in line, so stamps can be delivered to my house for free if I order from PO. LOL

Hello @Superdog, you're right that you don't really save a whole lot buying postage stamps at Costco, but I do disagree that buying stamps from Costco is inconvenient. A lot of people end up going to Costco more frequently than going to the post office. Now I wouldn't go to Costco just to buy stamps, but if I'm already going there for my normal weekly shopping, then grabbing some stamps would make sense. Yes, you could order online and have it delivered, but I would assume that that would take a few days. What if you needed the stamps right away? For some people that wouldn't work. At least Costco is open on more days with longer hours of operation than most post offices. Although I don't see anything wrong with buying stamps online, at least Costco gives people another option to get postage stamps, so it all depends on people's personal preferences.

One of the easiest ways to buy postage stamps online is, in our opinion, through is one of the most popular sources for printing exact postage for letters and packages. Their web-based software is intuitive and gives you access to discounted postage rates.

The above image is an excellent example of this. The first listing is for a roll of 100 of the 2022-edition forever stamps. We know the retail price is $60.00, so we can save $5.00 by buying that specific set.

All the locations below sell USPS postage stamps which can be used to mail First Class letters in the United States. We list both official post offices run by the United States Postal Service and retailers which have been authorized by USPS to sell postal products in Eureka.

All the locations below sell USPS postage stamps which can be used to mail First Class letters in the United States. We list both official post offices run by the United States Postal Service and retailers which have been authorized by USPS to sell postal products in Laguna Niguel.

There are many places to purchase postage stamps. Many retailers like Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and eBay offer postage stamps for sale. You can find them at your local mom-and-pop mailing stores as well.

Whether or not you can get a cash refund also differs from store to store. Many will offer an exchange for stamps of different designs, or store credit. Be sure to check with the retailer if you can return postage stamps before buying.

Yeah when you buy stamps at Costco they are cheaper-we buy them there all the time. But then you are stuck with the liberty bell stamps (at least at my costco). You can't get special wedding stamps and I don't know if they have 62cent stamps or anything beyond the standard 44cent stamp. If you need extra postage stamps then buying the 44cent bulk at Costco probably won't save you money as you'd have to put 2 on each envelope and actually overpay for postage. Or you could get the 44 at Costco and smaller ones at the post office, but for the amount of money you'd save I can't imagine it'd be worth all that hassle. And some people don't like the look of 2 stamps on an invite. If you need 62cents in postage, a nice 62 cent stamp from the post office will look the best!

Custom stamps are more expensive, but fun--we couldn't justify the expense, but if your date is aways a way, Zazzle sometimes does pretty excellent sales on their postage, so just keep an eye on the website. You CAN sometimes get it for $10/sheet for $.44 stamps, for instance, which is really only $1.20 extra per 20 stamps for something cool and personalized.

This has gone up in the last year, as it used to be 55 cents for a first class stamp, and $5,500 for a full roll of 10,000 stamps. Postage is not cheap, but USPS provides an excellent service and has other postage options that may mean you can send your items more economically. We are going to explore all the different options and their costs today.

However, you should make sure that you are not paying over the odds for stamps from a separate retailer. While USPS may only charge 58 cents per stamp, buying them from somewhere like Amazon could bump the price up.

Always make sure that you have carefully read both the number of stamps and the postage type (first, second, postcard, etc.) to ensure you are getting a fair deal. If something is cheaper, there is usually a good reason for it, and you may have misread stamp numbers or postage type.

You may also see self-service kiosks, and some of these give you the option of buying stamps. You cannot purchase specialty stamps from these machines, but if the queues are long, it can be worth using them. However, you are unlikely to be able to purchase rolls of stamps in this way.

If you need to mail letters on a regular basis, buying a roll of stamps or even a subscription for a roll of stamps is often the most convenient option. It is not cheaper, but it can save you time and energy, and will ensure that you always have stamps on hand. These are most easily bought from, but other retailers do supply them.

Did you know that postage stamps are discounted at Costco? That is handy if you still send out a lot of Christmas cards. Which, of course, you can save money by buying cards at Costco or printing custom ones through the photo service.

I've been selling and shipping on Etsy for a couple years now. At the beginning, I bought tons and tons of postage stamps through Costco, and it ended up being very cheap. Now, I am finally running low, and I'm wondering if I should stick with Costco or not. Where do you guys find the cheapest stamps? I love saving any penny I can! Haha!

There is a lot of speculation on whether or not Costco sells postage stamps. In order to get to the bottom of this, we did some research and found the answer for you. Keep reading for more information.

Unfortunately, the terms and conditions of the Executive membership exclude various purchases, including purchases of cigarettes or tobacco-related products, gasoline, Costco Shop Cards, postage stamps, alcoholic beverages in certain states, prescription purchases in certain states, purchases at food courts, and select travel purchases (including surcharges, gratuities, trip protection, travel purchased through a third party, upgrades, rental car equipment, resort charges, and port charges). 041b061a72

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