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Excuse Me Full Hindi Movie animato dentro canzo: A Hilarious and Romantic Comedy

Excuse Me Full Hindi Movie animato dentro canzo: A Review

Have you ever heard of a movie called Excuse Me full Hindi movie animato dentro canzo? If not, you are missing out on a hilarious and romantic comedy that will make you laugh and swoon. This movie is a dubbed version of a 2003 Kannada film called Excuse Me, which was a blockbuster hit in India. The movie has been dubbed in Hindi with some added animation and songs to make it more appealing to the audience. In this article, we will review this movie and tell you why you should watch it.

Excuse Me Full Hindi Movie animato dentro canzo


What is Excuse Me Full Hindi Movie animato dentro canzo?

Excuse Me full Hindi movie animato dentro canzo is a comedy-romance film that revolves around three main characters: Ajay, Madhu, and Sunil. Ajay is a talented musician who composes a beautiful tune that Madhu falls in love with. Madhu is a rich girl who is looking for her true love. Sunil is a selfish brat who pretends to be the composer of Ajay's tune in order to woo Madhu. The movie follows the twists and turns of their love triangle as they face various obstacles and misunderstandings.

The plot of Excuse Me Full Hindi Movie animato dentro canzo

The movie begins with Ajay playing his guitar on a beach and composing a tune that he records on his phone. He then goes to his friend's house where he meets Madhu, who is his friend's sister. Madhu hears Ajay's tune on his phone and instantly likes it. She asks him to know who composed it, but Ajay lies and says that he doesn't know. He then leaves the house without revealing his identity. Meanwhile, Sunil, who is Madhu's classmate and a spoiled son of a rich businessman, also hears Ajay's tune on the radio and decides to use it as his own. He hires a singer to record the song and makes a CD with his name on it. He then gifts the CD to Madhu and claims that he composed the song for her. Madhu is impressed by Sunil's gesture and agrees to go out with him. Ajay, who is unaware of Sunil's deception, is happy to hear his tune on the radio and thinks that someone has recognized his talent. He goes to the radio station to find out who played his song, but he is shocked to see Sunil's name on the CD. He confronts Sunil and accuses him of stealing his tune, but Sunil denies it and insults Ajay. Ajay then challenges Sunil to prove his musical skills in front of Madhu and the public. The movie then shows how Ajay tries to expose Sunil's fraud and win Madhu's heart, while Sunil tries to sabotage Ajay's efforts and keep Madhu away from him. Along the way, Ajay and Madhu also face some problems from their families, who are opposed to their relationship. The movie ends with a climactic musical showdown between Ajay and Sunil, where the truth is revealed and the lovers are united. The cast of Excuse Me Full Hindi Movie animato dentro canzo

The movie features some popular actors from the Kannada film industry, as well as some new faces from the Hindi film industry. The main cast of the movie is as follows:



Sunil Raoh




Ajay Rao



Ajay's mother

Ramesh Bhat

Ajay's father

Anant Nag

Madhu's father

Rekha Kumar

Madhu's mother


Sunil's father

Tennis Krishna

Sunil's sidekick

[assistant](#message) The movie also features some animated characters that add some fun and humor to the story. Some of the animated characters are: - A talking dog named Rocky, who is Ajay's pet and friend. - A talking parrot named Raja, who is Madhu's pet and confidant. - A talking monkey named Chintu, who is Sunil's pet and accomplice. - A talking fish named Fifi, who is Madhu's pet and advisor. The production of Excuse Me Full Hindi Movie animato dentro canzo

The movie was directed by Prem, who also wrote the story and screenplay. The movie was produced by N.M. Suresh under the banner of Suresh Arts. The movie was originally made in Kannada language and released in 2003. It was a huge success at the box office and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie was also remade in Tamil as Joot in 2004.

The movie was dubbed in Hindi with some added animation and songs in 2020 by Goldmines Telefilms Pvt Ltd, a leading company in dubbing South Indian movies into Hindi. The dubbing was done by professional voice actors who matched the original actors' expressions and emotions. The animation was done by Toonz Animation India Pvt Ltd, a leading company in animation production in India. The animation was integrated seamlessly with the live-action scenes to create a unique visual experience. The songs were composed by Gurukiran, who also composed the original Kannada songs. The songs were sung by popular singers like Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, etc. b70169992d

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