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How To Choose A Successful Career, You Would Like Your Right Job...

While it might seem strange to go back to your childhood dreams, they might not be far off from what you would be happy doing. Sure, not everyone can be an astronaut, but whatever that original goal might have been, the desire to pursue that career likely came from somewhere.

How to choose a successful career, you would like your right job...

The Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) test focuses on your likes and dislikes and is designed to be taken quickly so that your answers are based on your instincts rather than letting you overthink things. There are various packages to choose from for more in-depth information, but the free results offer ample insights about career motivations and suggest 10 possible vocational areas for you to check out.

Finding the right career path can be an exciting (albeit daunting) process that can influence all aspects of your life. While your first line of thought might be to choose a profession that pays well, you also need to consider other factors like your lifestyle, personality and interests, all of which can inform your career choice and how happy you will be with it down the line.

Real estate is a competitive industry, but, just like any other sales job, networking and developing relationships are key to a successful career. However, in the 21st century, competition is not only with other realtors but with technology itself. Customers can find a plethora of information on properties before even reaching out to a real estate agent or brokerage. On the other hand, technology allows agents to market themselves and conduct business on their social media platforms. Learn how to leverage the competition to your advantage and show how you differ from the rest.

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Creativity Creativity may not be a stated requirement for all IT jobs, but it's a useful talent in many of them. If tech moguls like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs hadn't been creative, they would have never come up with their groundbreaking products and revolutionary ideas. Even if you don't aspire to be the next Bill Gates, your tech job will probably require you to come up with ideas to improve processes or products or to help coworkers find innovative solutions to their tech problems. In fact, one of the major requirements in today's IT jobs is the ability to use technology creatively to fulfill a particular business need or create a solution that helps the company move forward.

Problem Solving Do you like solving puzzles? As mentioned, IT jobs are some of the best jobs for problem solving. Ever spent hours trying to figure out why your personal computer, printer or phone isn't doing what you want it to and had fun doing it? An information technology career might be right up your alley. A lot of the technical skills you need for various careers in IT can be picked up through tinkering and trial and error, so problem-solving abilities are necessary for your entrance into the field.


Ask yourself who you look up to. Whose job would you like to have in the next five, 10 or 15 years? Is this person inside or outside your workplace? Who is your immediate role model where you work? Keep a running list of the jobs and people you are visualizing. Consider an identity-based mentor in your organization, especially if you need to talk about issues you're facing as an underrepresented person in your professional surroundings.

Getting a dual degree that includes public health can set you up for a number of career options. Electing to enroll in a dual degree program, increases your skill sets, and allows you to take a multidisciplinary approach to your future plans. For example, if you would like to work in a lab researching cures for rare diseases, you may decide to major in public health as well as biology or chemistry to get a well-rounded education and to learn more about the health challenges that face modern societies.

Why choose public health? This is not the most convenient career path that you could choose. This is particularly true if you want to make a big impact. Public health professionals often have to travel to areas devastated by weather events, health crises, and other emergencies. In the past, public health officials have traveled to New York to help victims of 911 and to New Orleans to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Many public health officials have also traveled to other countries to administer lifesaving immunizations against diseases that have been all but eradicated elsewhere. If you would like to travel to the Caribbean, Asia, or Africa, you could well get the chance to do so in a career in public health administration.

Why did you choose public health? Any student considering public health as their major should be able to answer this question before committing to this challenging career. This is also one of the most satisfying careers that you could undertake. If you want to play the hero in the lives of ordinary people on a daily basis, a career in public health would be a great fit for you. Lending your time, skills, and compassion to those who are sick, hurt, and fighting for their lives is one of the noblest and valuable ways that you can spend your time.

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