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Kirisun PT8100 Radio Programming Made Easy with Kirisun Programming Software PT8100 12 1

the u21 programming cable is based on rs232. there is a terminal monitor and a programmer. the terminal monitor contains a programming monitor as well as an led display. the programming monitor displays certain information like the channel number that is being programmed and the channels current status.

kirisun programming software pt8100 12 1


you can also check ebay or amazon for a kirisun kspl-15 programming cable for a cheaper solution. they range from about 6-10 and can be used with most rs232 cables. please note that these are not kspl-15 cables, just a cheap cable that will do the job. they are not a valid kspl-15 cable and will not work with the kirisun radio's.

some users have their own personal preferences which might or might not be included in the default settings. for example, we can add our call sign to the qsl code using the add icon. you can enter a number of characters or a full name depending on how large your call sign is. the repeater will now be able to display our call sign in the list of active repeaters for the users of the software. you can leave this as default.

when a user "performs" an operation such as a program control command, the underlying lua system sends the request to the operating system. it then interprets the request as an operation, and the appropriate operation is performed. this means that in the context of lua programming, the operating system can be considered as one of the lua libraries.

implementing a security model in lua is extremely simple. i have tried to follow the same pattern of lua as the c programming language. lua is a dynamic programming language and it is very good at keeping state, which is a common feature of all runtime security models.

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