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Gold Toe Socks Where To Buy

Dedicated to style and quality since 1934, GOLDTOE utilizes industry knowledge and expertise to knit high-quality socks with innovative comfort and lasting durability. For over 80 years, GOLDTOE continues to provide sock wearers with the most comfortable, premium dress, casual, and athletic styles.

gold toe socks where to buy


During the Great Depression, Gold Toe began manufacturing men's dress socks with a toe made from high quality Irish linen, which made their product resistant to holes and fraying.[1] In the 1930s, the company added gold acetate thread to the toes of its socks in order to make it visually distinctive on store shelves.[1]

Although its primary market is men's dress socks, Gold Toe Brands has expanded to other segments of the sock market, including women's and kids.[2] In 1983, it added a line of women's socks, then in 1986 it began producing boys' socks. In 1992, the brand started making women's tights.[2]

Given my suit collection, which ranges from midnight blue and navy to charcoal and light gray, along with a few subtle stripes and plaids within that color range, I do very well with solid socks in black, navy and gray, all offered by GoldToe.

Since showing skin between your socks and pants is a crime punishable by no admittance to the boardroom or no sex after dinner, all the socks I buy from GoldToe are over-the-calf, sparing me the embarrassment of baring unwelcome ankle flesh and the harassment of regularly pulling my socks back up. I would recommend the same for anyone else: get over-the-calf dress socks.

I have tried this, too. Everything you have said holds true for me as well, I really like them, as you do. My only problem is that all of my gold toes are long, and I generally hike in short socks. I tried folding them down, but that was less comfortable. I may work on a new solution with them this summer, though.

I show up to work every day in dress socks and one day decided to go hiking after. I had a change of clothes (I don't recommended slacks on the trail) but no hiking socks. I ended up using my dress socks (not gold-toe but similar materials) and found them to be comfortable, breathable, and have gone out of my way to choose them several times since my initial discovery.

When it comes to specialized hiking socks it triggered a shift towards thin socks over the standard heavy padded ones I'd preferred before. I've noted a slight increase in blisters with them though, especially backpacking (then again, I'm not a UL backpacker).

Ive transitioned to a sock-less approach with a pair of Merrel trail gloves. I've been using them for about 5 months now. I use them daily running and at the gym. So far in the field I have used them in a 5 mile road race and a few 20+ mile days with 3-4k feet in elevation on rocky, wet and muddy trails. No blisters to speak of yet. I transition from a pair of Gortex Merrel Chameleons, best gear upgrade I have made in a while. In terms of weight savings, performance and functionality. They dry fast and don't need to worry about your socks getting wet. My Skin-out weight with the shoes, including consumables puts me just above 10 lbs, not sure how they would fair with a heavy load.

For most of my life I have used the same wool socks in the summer that I use in the winter. Even in 100 degree heat they have remained pretty comfy. The idea of wearing dress socks hiking sounds worth a shot though. After all dress socks look and feel a lot like sock liners.

All I buy these days are hiking socks in particular Merino wool as those last- I wear nothing else summer through winter. I guess you do a helluva lot of hiking to make holes in those socks- a good testament to your fitness. I wish I could keep up with you!

I heard this a few years back, but in combination with exterior socks. It was recommended to stop blistering. I do carry a couple pairs of dress socks on trips now. Even if I do look silly with shorts and black socks!

Guys , being I wear mens Gold Toe Support socks for work everyday I decided a long time ago they were perfect for hiking. They are a bit cheaper than compression socks runners are wearing and look exactly the same.On close label inspection they are mostly all made by the same company. The Gold Toes come in white beige blue and black. I think they look pretty good with hiking boots and cargo shorts. Not to mention the benefits!

The company owns a number of brands including the Gold Toe brand, as well as the Silver Toe, GT, Auro, PowerSox and All Pro brands. It is also the exclusive U.S. licensee for Under Armour and New Balance branded socks. The majority of the purchase price paid by Gildan under the new agreement will be represented by intangible assets, including the value of these brands.

Socks are something you may always have a problem with because of certain foot conditions. You are an athlete or need a good pair of socks for work. There are many different types and brands, and you may not know which one to get. Some socks you tried may have problems when you wear them in the long run, like having holes and your socks wearing out quickly. Your socks must be durable, comfortable, and safe to wear, especially if you need socks that will alleviate your foot condition.

Let us introduce you to the Gold Toe Socks, these socks were even featured in an article of GQ. GQ has described these socks as "luxurious without being delicate, and just so darn comfortable." They are not just pretty socks, but they are very comfortable and durable. This article will tackle more about gold toe socks and why they are so special.

Gold toe socks are very durable and will outlast anything else out there. They are comfortable, and their thick sides stay up without restricting the feet and preventing proper blood flow. The cotton fabric is also lovely, and it will surely make your feet feel comfortable. The material also keeps your feet warm and dry. The company GOLDTOE specializes in making socks with golden toes. The developers of the Gold toe socks wrapped a gold-colored thread around the linen to make this unprecedented technology more identifiable, and the GOLDTOE brand was born. Gold Toe's knit-in gold toe is a registered trademark and signifies Gold Toe quality, comfort, and fit. Gold toe has been giving quality socks since 1934. The company GOLDTOE provides sock wearers with fashionable, comfortable socks with good moisture-wicking properties.

The expertise to knit high-quality socks with innovative comfort and lasting durability. Gold toe socks are made out of only the finest yarns and are carefully reinforced at the heel and toe for more extended and more comfortable wear. Gold Toe's toe seams are specially flattened for a smooth fit in shoes. Heels are well-rounded for gentle support and a comfortable fit. Each pair of gold-toe socks are made with pride by skilled craftsmen and then carefully inspected to offer the customer the finest possible quality. Gold toe socks have AquaFx, exclusive Aquafresh nylon to create climate control for your feet. The AquaFx line combines cotton comfort with Aquafresh nylon which wicks moisture away from your foot. Sweaty feet and overheating are much less likely to happen while wearing these socks. The gold toe socks ensure maximum comfort and each sock features reinforced construction and the legendary Gold Toe for extra durability.

Gold toe socks also offer mild compression, firm compression, and non-binding socks for men and women. The soft and athletic compression socks can be used for people experiencing certain nerve conditions that need to be treated with compression-like edema or spider veins. Compression socks can also be used for athletes, pregnant women, and people who need to work or stand at their office for long hours. Non-binding socks are helpful for diabetic people; non-binding means no constriction. This can help the blood to properly flow through their legs without hurting them while wearing socks to keep their feet protected. The gold toe also features extended socks for people with more extended feet. These socks are a bit longer and more extensive than their regular socks. These can be used for tall people who have a hard time finding the perfect socks because other brands don't offer extended socks! Their women's socks also have a narrower toe box specifically designed for a women's foot. Both their men's and women's socks have designs that specifically help both genders! It's amazing how many styles and types of socks they have to offer. Gold toe socks have a lot of different styles and types of socks, but all of these socks are also very durable. They are known for their socks' durability, and they always don't let people down.

They have different lengths of socks, also invisible socks, which are socks that can't be seen when you wear your shoe. Ankle socks, quarter socks, crew socks, and over-the-calf socks. You don't need to worry if you are a tall person because Gold toe offers an extended sock meant for tall and big wearers. They also have knee-high socks for women that want to pair their comfortable socks with their boots.

GOLDTOE also offers socks for kids of both genders. Want a durable, soft, and comfortable sock for your kid? Try checking out gold toe's website. They have socks for athletic kids and even just for casual/dress attire. They are great for kids because whatever movements the kid does or energetic the kid gets during an activity, Gold toe socks will surely provide comfort and durability. Their socks for kids also come with great designs and fun colors that your children will love.

GOLDTOE also offers environmentally friendly socks made out of recycled materials with good quality. GOLDTOE proved how durable their socks are. The golden toes represent the durability and long-lasting use of the socks. You can buy their socks at Amazon when you check their socks on their website. The particular socks you choose will lead you to the Amazon website, where you can buy the socks. GOLDTOE has been giving wearers the best quality socks for 80 years. You can also check Emily Benzing's review about the gold toe socks and how great they are. She and her boyfriend loved the socks very much and had fun wearing them. 041b061a72

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