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Aurora Pearl [WORK]

The PSL (Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan) describes it as such: Aurora Effect is the characteristic phenomena of iridescent color that may appear on the surface of a pearl. They test for this by using a cleverly named "Aurora Viewer", which shines a particular light on the underside of the pearl to reveal if there is visible Aurora. Below are pictures of a Madama Akoya strand showing fantastic "aurora". Top Range white Hanadama will show this effect as well, but it's extremely difficult to photograph.

aurora pearl

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The Aurora baroque pearl drop earrings are an absolute statement design. Featuring mother-of-pearl cascading leaf designs and onyx or quartz gemstones. Handmade by artisans in India using 22ct gold-plated brass.

This is the epitome of elegance and romance. Lace flower garland earrings solidified in rose gold ending with a lustrous white pearl. The rose gold earrings frame the contour of the cheekbones and grace the neck with moving pearls. The compliments will arrive the first day you wear the Aurora earrings.

There are also other outstandingly improved ingredients such as pearl essence, kiwi fruit, stem cells, hemp, chitosan (shrimp shell), actyl hexapeptide, tangerine peel, cashew nut, coffee bean, castor oil ... contributes to the regeneration and nourishment of bright white skin, min membrane and stretch.

The "Aurora" Pearl Dog Collar will set your sweetheart apart from the rest! Designed with our smaller sized pups in mind, this collar is made with 10mm size pearls and can even be sized down to 8mm sized pearls. Baby pink in color with a matching rhinestone and crystal heart, this is a true "princess" collar. Super strong, leash approved and still just as beautiful as a piece of dazzling jewelry, this collar is a "must have" for your adoring little pup.

Add a radiant glow to your outfit with this gorgeous pearl bracelet. Soft, feminine and incredibly chic to wear, these dainty luscious freshwater pearls wrap effortlessly around your wrist, striking a perfect balance between elegance and individuality.

Truly fascinating, the bracelet showcases amazing keshi, the rarest type of baroque pearls with intense shine. Each keshi has a unique shape that has formed naturally. The exceptionally smooth pearl surface gives the appearance of a metallic glow from deep within coupled with a subtle hint of overtone. Finished with a highly durable and tarnish resistant sterling silver lobster clasp with rhodium plating.

Yes, they are all authentic cultured pearls. You'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity with every purchase. All of our pearls are grown in either freshwater or saltwater. We source them directly from pearl farms and processors around the world. Each pearl has been through a strict selection process and is chosen individually for its fine quality. We do not sell imitation or fake pearls.

A lifetime. Because our jewellery is made with high quality pearls in solid 18k gold or sterling silver, its beauty can literally last forever as long as you take good care of it. As with all fine jewellery made with high purity precious metals, it's very soft and is subject to bending, denting and scratching. As such, extra care should be taken when handling all fine jewellery. Take it off when you are doing housework, gardening, heavy work or playing sports.

Percina (Cottogaster) aurora is an imperiled species under consideration for listing by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. To better understand habitat use of P. aurora, we studied a related and more abundant Cottogaster species, Percina copelandi, from the Ouachita River, Arkansas. We used a laboratory stream system to examine mesohabitat selection (pools versus riffles) and microhabitat selection (substratum particle size) of P. copelandi over three temperature regimes (summer, spring, and winter). Percina copelandi selected pool habitats over riffles and selected pools with coarse substrata (e.g., cobble) over fine substrata (e.g., gravel). In riffles, P. copelandi selected large substrata during winter and spring but did not show particle size selection during summer. These data, and various published and unpublished field data for P. aurora, suggest that habitat use of P. aurora is also centered around deep runs and pools, with large substrata likely being more important at low water temperatures.

Schofield, P. J.,Ross, S. T.(2003). Habitat Selection of the Channel Darter, Percina (Cottogaster) copelandi, a Surrogate for the Imperiled Pearl Darter, Percina aurora. Journal of Freshwater Ecology, 18(2), 249-257. Available at: _pubs/8619 041b061a72

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